Honker 2018 Compilation CD

Honker 2018 Compilation CD

Track List:

  • What Can I Say
  • Because It’s The Future
  • Green [Yolk]
  • They Were All Good Drivers
  • Bass Intro>
  • Truth Will Out
  • Street Lights
  • Naked
  • More Trouble Every Day [Frank Zappa]
  • Thoughts And Prayers
  • Dirty Gertie [Lomo demo]
  • New Bass Jam>
  • Can’t Stop Jumpin’

About The CD

Released 12/28/2018 at Galaxy Brewing show.

We record our live shows and our rehearsals. This is a compilation of songs from various live shows in 2018. After ten live tracks, there is a demo for the new song Dirty Gertie with all instruments played by Jim. The CD finishes with an improvised jam from rehearsal – the first time Honker played with Jim’s new MG Bass.

We burned 47 copies of this CD. Each band member has one. There are 44 in circulation, each with a serial number on the ring. No more will be produced. You must be physically present at a Honker show to get one. We ask $2 – first come first serve, while supplies last.

Feel free to download and burn whatever you wish from the Honker page over at Archive.org – and maybe donate a few dollars if you can. I gave them $20 this year because I am thankful for their service.