Welcome Nate and Mike!

If you are a fan of Honker and the local music scene then you know our drummer Jeff Howard is in another band called Raibred. If you are a fan of Raibred, Honker or both, you will notice some changes starting this weekend. The band Raibred is currently defunct. Honker Read more…

Honker Biography

Short Bio Honker is a five piece prog, jam, funk, rock band out of upstate NY. Playing original music and occasional covers by Frank Zappa or Talking Heads, Honker is up beat and overflowing with talent.


Here are some very nice things people are saying about Honker and we didn’t have to pay them! Wow. If having a ridiculous amount of fun were against the law, I’d be locked up. Amazing music, and so, so many of my favorite people. I finally get the expression “Mind Read more…