Good evening music fans. Tonight’s top story from Honker Headquarters:
A CD release show has been booked for Honker’s debut album Believe In Music.

But first, a HUGE thank you to those who bought our
digital downloads over in the Honker Shop.
BOTH of you have earned something special!

Folks our album was officially unleashed into the wild on 1/28/2016.
Right now it is available as MP3 downloads available on this web site only.
These files were only slightly compressed, at 320kbps they are as high fidelity as MP3 files get.
So far, most everybody we know wants a
hard copy (coming very soon) and who can blame them.
Check out this cover artwork, I made it myself!
It is all based on an old AM radio from my grandfather’s garage.

Honker Believe In Music Front Cover:
Honker - Believe In Music - Front Cover

Honker Believe In Music Back Cover:
Honker - Believe In Music - Back Cover

Honker Believe In Music Disc Surface:
Honker - Believe In Music - Disc Surface

As for hard copies of the CD – they are in production right now!
We will have them by end of February.
We will take mail orders from this web site.
We are also working out details with CD Baby and iTunes.
Best if you buy direct from us, but we will open up as many
options and channels as we can.

And what good is a CD if no one has ever seen your band? Not much good at all.
Remedy: Honker will play at Galaxy Brewing Company
in downtown Binghamton on Saturday 2nd April 2016.
And we plan to play far more frequently after this,
your patience will be rewarded.

That said, Honker can be contacted here if anyone is interested in booking.

So there you have it, by the time we play this Galaxy show it will have been more than a year
since our last show. Well, we’re finally ready; we produced a CD together!
We have brought into focus who Honker is and what Honker sounds like.
Our songs are polished, the band is tight, we have new
material; I would bet Honker will deliver some memorable entertainment
on this occasion. I don’t know what we’re gonna do, but we’d like it to
feel like a thought out show
instead of “here’s a song…. here’s another song…”
We sincerely hope to see you there.

The original point of this blog was for me to keep notes about what we did
during any time the three of us got together.
Sometimes these notes are really valuable when we are deep into song writing.
Tonight we are not deep into song writing but we have started one new piece.
Here’s what we did.

Chatted over turkey subs and chocolate chip cookies.
Then tuned up and did an open jam in C#.
We try to pick a different key every time.
Open jams are an excellent way to get warmed up.
We get into listening to each other and feeling out the mood.

Then, without speaking, we went into Uplifter and carried on through all the
album songs. It is so pleasing that we communicate the way we do.
Most notable tonight is all of our solo sections.
These are really opening up as we get more comfortable with each other and the songs.
I had such a good time playing over “Truth Will Out” which is my solo.
And I had an equally good time playing underneath everything Tim did, but particularly
Down To Earth“. I got into some chords that I hope I remember to do next time.

Next up, we got into cover songs.
If you read this blog or came to the show last year,
you know we do “Subterranean Homesick Alien” by Radiohead
and “Maybe I’ll Come Down” by Soul Coughing.
In my opinion we sound bang on when we do these.

A cover you may not know we’ve been working on is
“Reminiscing” by Little River Band.
This is a cool song, great chord changes,
and I think just about anyone would have to smile if they
hear us bust it out.

Brand new cover tonight: “Cosmik Debris” by Frank Zappa.
I have the right voice for this song; it flows easy.
Not easy is the fact it is Zappa so there are some very clever rhythms that
have to be done just so because they make the song.
We’ll need a little discipline to get this together but I think Honker can
make it happen.

We’re also working on a new original. We played this a bit last week.
Oh and by the way, I didn’t write last week because I was finalizing the album artwork
and doing a bunch of stuff on various web sites.
But anyway, we worked on this song a bit last week and a bit more tonight.
Tim brought in the skeleton of this idea in E flat.
It has three parts.
I am doing a palm muted thing in the verse and like the sound and rhythm so far.
The middle part now has a more defined stop with Tim doing a guitar run.
The chorus will probably reveal what words it wants soon and then this song will take off.

I am pretty sure that’s everything worth mentioning.
Thanks for reading and we hope all is well with you.


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