Honker Interview in Carousel Magazine

“Triple Cities Carousel” was an awesome music, arts, culture and entertainment mag in the Binghamton area for about 5 years. The first issue was March 2013 and the final issue was, sadly, March 2018. There were amazing people who made that magazine happen. Our community is better for its existence and I wish they could have kept it going.

But anyway, they interviewed me, Jim Lomonaco, for the March 2018 edition. This was my very first full length, feature interview for any publication. Sure my old band Yolk was interviewed and written about in the past. In those articles, no one want to talk to the bass player. Now that I’m the lead singer I am the voice of the group in and out of our music.

This was a new experience for me. I am happy with the article. I am proud that I was asked, that anyone was interested. I learned a little bit about messaging. The interviewer had a question about my old band that I probably should have dismissed. My old band has already been written about and is an OLD band with no active business model – who can gain nothing by having a few square inches in the paper. I should have kept the conversation focused on Honker. So I learned a little, but this is still an interesting piece of Honker history.

So here is a link to the article – https://www.carouselrag.com/single-post/2018/03/08/honker

And since they are no longer in publication, here’s a PDF of the article in case the web site stops existing at some point – Honker: An interview with bassist Jim Lomonaco

And here are pictures of the magazine and the band 8×10 that was used: