Notes on 4/1/2015 Practice

Tim got a new/used guitar that sounds amazing. Brought every song to life. Crystal clear and present. Honkin!

subs were eaten.

Open jam. Had to check out the new guitar.

Uplifter. Spot on, starting to get some nice subtleties to it.

Truth will out. Decided this will be the next one we record.

Collectively neglected. Again the new guitar really brings this song home.

subterranean homesick alien. Fricken sweetness. So smooth

Step on the gas. First song we ever wrote together. We almost ditched the thing but have played it the last few times and it ain’t so bad. It goes from fairly heavy to, I don’t know “cute” and back. It’s about slow drivers, kind of humorous.

careful next time. This song is still just almost there. It may need to be taken apart and reassembled. Not sure if it needs polishing or a whole new paint job. We’ll get to the bottom of this and find the funk in due time.

Gone. Worked on solo section. Tweaked the effect loop line output and YEEESS that’s what it’s supposed to sound like.

Believe in music. Got a hot new middle part that gives the drummer some. And a new ending, a real zinger. This ones starting to take shape.

Jumpin. We own this song, and it’s damn fun to play.

Then we meditated on this rhythmic melody thing that has cool counterpoint for a while. This is a piece to some future puzzle.

New long term project: an arrangement of Bolero – Maurice Ravel

be well. Thanks for reading.