Notes on 4/8/2015 Practice

Honker 4.8.2015
Honker 4.8.2015

One intention tonight was to snap a few pictures but forgot all about that so this report may be all text… Maybe. okay here’s a graphic that might make a better icon than nothin.

Lupo’s subs were on the menu at Honker Headquarters. Also tried my first deep fried speidie. I highly recommend this.

first song. Off the cuff rendition of Heart of Rock n Roll by Huey Lewis and the News. Tons of fun. We came back and did it again at the end of the night.  Honker loves Huey.

Uplifter. weird that this wasn’t the very first song, new perspective. Found some new variations in the bass line that should have been obvious months ago. No matter, glad I found ’em tonight. This is how jams become compositions.

Jumpin’. Weird that this wasn’t the last song..we always play this one late. Again new perspective. In this case the tightness was greatly decreased. Reminds me that I never have gotten a grip on exactly how to groove with matts kick drum in the verse. I need to get on that. I gotta find that one rhythm that makes an amorphous blob into something of a crystal if that makes any sense.

Truth Will Out. This ones starting get larger than life as best I can describe it. It’s one of these songs where we never have trouble with the groove or the tempo.  It feels like the song always existed. Honker signature sound. That and the lyrics kick ass.

[note to self, post lyrics on this site. ]

carefull next time. Went back to whole notes on the bass line. BUT added thick distortion and it is just what I needed to hear. This ones still progressing  I guess they all are.

Collectively Neglected. Instrumental. There’s an obscure, never released, seldom performed Yolk song called Dirty Pants. This reminds me of that in the sense that it is instrumental and goes from one deeply funky groove to the next. Swimming in it.

Gone. Bass solo section is an absolute joy to play along with Matt Massie. We are figuring out how best to get out of it and back to the chorus. I think we have that part buttoned up. There are some unusual rhythms we are trying to pull off in the end of the song that still need a coat of varnish.

Believe in Music. We tried putting the ‘zinger’ on the beginning but that’s not where it belongs. We mellowed out the tone considerably. Funky bass does not always have to be slap and pop. The middle section is coming to life, then into the zinger, then the last chorus and another zing zing – ba ba ba ba! Still needs a few syllables rearranged in the second verse.

Bess from The Falconers stopped by to borrow a few drums from Matt.

there was some talk of possible Sunday practice in addition. Twice the honkin’.

i don’t think I can recall anything else worth writing at the moment.

thats my take on it. Thanks!