Yolk and moe.

Stay Strong Rob Derhak

Honker is taken aback today by the news of Rob Derhak from moe. having cancer. Here is the note direct from moe.org:


I have known Rob since the early nineties when my old band, YolK, used to trade gigs with them. He’s a great bass player and songwriter. I will go ahead and admit that I am totally jealous of the great success moe. has had while my band collapsed and went nowhere. Rob and moe. continue to be an inspiration for my current band Honker. Those cats make a lot of people real happy and inspire me to try and do that too!

Anyway, yesterday we learned that Rob has cancer. The good news is it appears they caught it early and he is very likely to survive and get back to the funk real soon. The bad news is our good friend is about to go through some tough times and no one wants that. Honker and I wish Rob all the strength and well being we can.

As a cancer survivor myself, I know how scary this can be. I’m not special, everyone feels the effects of cancer in some way. We all have at least one person in our life affected by this disease. It sucks no matter what. We just hope all goes well and wish Rob and family (and fam-moe.-ly) will have strength and peace during this time.

The picture above is the guys from moe. on stage with my old band YolK at Binghamton University in 1993 or ’94. Me and Rob traded bass licks in what some folks called a “bass war.” I fucking hate war. This was a bass duet. Rob is a bad-ass, I only hope to be as successful some day.

Stay strong Rob Derhak – we’ll see you real soon.

–Jim Lomonaco and Honker.