…and here’s a few more details from Honker’s benevolent plot to take over the world.


Let’s see, I did not report last week so you can all have your money back for that one.
The last topic we were on was… umm… oh yeah, the record. That old thing?
Isn’t that just all talk and no action? Far from it, folks.

One reason I did not write last week was because I am working on the "shop" section of this very web site.
When we do have songs for sale, and if you choose to buy them,
we sure would appreciate if you buy them directly from us.
Our site is secure. I have built other credit card payment systems for other businesses.
It’s part of Honker’s competitive advantage to have a guy like me in the band,
and I’m not letting any skill go to waste.

Speaking of that, the other reason I did not write last week is because I am the
art director and lead designer for this band, Honker.
I have to get a killer, iconic album cover together.
We’re not going "full-on" with the packaging.
It will just be a cardboard sleeve.
Front cover, back cover and CD itself is all the necessary design work.
All song lyrics and anything else will be on this web site.

Okay so what about the music, man? Right,
well last time we talked we were just about to meet with a respected friend
who is in the music production business.
We got some great feedback.
I am not saying he fell in love with the band,
instead we got the kind of input we needed:
how to make this record sound as good as it possibly can.

I am not going to get into any "trade secrets" about what we did next.
Let’s just say we had more work to do, but we had direction.
We knew what things to address and why.
We are all really glad to have gotten that perspective.

A big deal that I will share is "Uplifter".
Remember that video we put out a few weeks ago?

Well we’re re-working that song, actually re-recording some guitar and bass.
Crazy right? A little late in the game for this, no?
Well, it’s gonna be allright. This song needed extra attention.
It was not even written when we started the record.
Now it is in what will have to be the "final" phase because this record is coming out!

Our project is in an interesting little space of time.
There’s kind of a lot of pressure.
I mean, first of all, you got Jim going out and hyping it up on the Net every week.
But besides that, this is the point where other projects risk falling apart.
This is the point where shit is getting real.
These sounds are going to be committed to the permanent record.
This is when we need to really be a team and support each other.
We need to accept our weaknesses and really polish up the strong stuff.

Let’s face it this probably won’t be the next "Dark Side of the Moon"
but it sounds pretty dang good to us.
What this is, is the beginning of something special.
I sure hope it’s a long, creative, fun journey.



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