Crazy world we live in, friends.
For me, if there’s one thing in which I can truly believe, it is music.
Music makes me feel good every time. Believe in it.

Honker Believe in Music

So, I am on cloud nine right now.
What a night at Honker Headquarters!
We’re trying our best to get this record done, right?
Matt and Tim live at the HQ so they get a lot done in my absence.
When I am up there, we try to focus on getting my tracks done.
Well, I had a cold about three or four weeks ago and last week I still could not sing.
But this week I am back, baby!

We got going with the vocals to the chorus in
Truth Will Out because I had struggled with them weeks ago.
Then I did them in a lower register.
Then I hated the lower register – it took the heart out of it – so tonight
I did a take in the original higher octave and it kicked butt.
There was no straining like before, and the cold is indeed cleared up.

That didn’t take too long, then we got into
I love these lyrics.
It is a fairly happy song about being able to fly.
I think it is difficult to sound happy and be "real" about it;
it is tricky to not sound "cheesy" if you’re doing something positive.
At least for me it is.
Anyway, I think we have pulled it off.
We are quite proud of this one.

Okay so now I can clearly see the finish line.
I am down to one song.
Every word I am gonna say, every note I am gonna play has been played except
Because It’s The Future.
We got into it and then my voice crapped out on me.
Got a good verse and chorus, but then started sounding hoarse again.
So we changed gears.

It was terribly tempting to pick up and start jamming out but, I tell ya,
Honker has discipline.
Tim had some background vocals to be done so he went in and got to work on those.
Tim can sing, and his voice and mine sound quite pleasing together.
He did a fine job on Step on the Gas and
Believe in Music.

In an earlier post I listed all the great things about why this is my favorite
recording experience
so far.
One thing that has been severely missed is that we are not spending time together.
We are not spending an entire two or three week period hanging out, bonding, and
listening to each other record.
So when I got to sit and listen to Tim doing vocals it was cool as hell.

So after Tim got his work done my voice had recovered a bit.
We decided to give "Because It’s The Future" another go.
Nailed it. Done. It sounds really good and that is that.
All the sounds that I will make for this album have been captured. What a feeling!

Personally, it has been too damn long since I have made something this beautiful.
This is a big moment in my life to produce a record again.
I am glad it is this music with these guys.
So lucky we are to have found each other,
three dudes who can play and be creative and productive together.
I cannot make good music by myself but Honker ROCKS!

Okay there’s your story. Night, night.


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