Show #14 8/27/2017 Binghamton Porch Fest 2017

An event like PorchFest has so much happening that it would be impossible to take it all in. What I did manage to see made me so proud of our community. We had an awesome time over at 35 Chestnut Street. It was a beautiful summer day with friends, family, music, art and dance.

Chris Bodnarczuk organized the whole event and Earl Walker hosted the porch where Honker played. We cannot say enough great things about these two in particular and all of the people who hosted music and/or volunteered. I know Chris and Earl got very little sleep the previous few nights getting ready for the big day. Bands like Honker need the heroic efforts of people like these to build the music scene and help people make amazing memories in our community.

As for Honker, we played a great show. This was the very first time playing with this line-up and we rocked it! Notable moments for me are the brand new song “Street Lights” and the solos in “More Trouble Every Day”. “Street Lights” is a fairly difficult song to play; we have worked hard to learn the melody and rhythms. I am proud of us for pulling it off so well. The Zappa tune has bass, guitar and drum solos in it each of which was jaw-dropping awesome. We seem to bring the best out of each other – we look forward to the journey the band and this lineup will have.

All of the acts at 35 Chestnut were great. The weather was beautiful and, near as I can tell, everyone had a fun time. PorchFest 2017 certainly seems like a huge success to me. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Audio for the show at

Show #14
Sunday 27 August 2017
Binghamton PorchFest 2017
35 Chestnut St
4pm start
Free show
All ages welcome


Jim Lomonaco – Bass & Lead Vocals
Tim Linkroum – Guitar
Tyson Alston – Keyboard
Jeff Howard – Drums

Set List

  1. Uplifter
  2. Truth Will Out
  3. Because It’s The Future
  4. Step On The Gas
  5. Street Lights
  6. I Like It
  7. Can’t Stop Jumpin’
  8. More Trouble Every Day [Frank Zappa]

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