Show #19 8/25/2018 Cyber Cafe West, Binghamton, NY

9/10/2018 Update

Oh man so I am finally getting around to updating this post. What can I say, it’s hard to get stuff done, everybody knows that. I like to start a post early to attempt to promote a show and then come back and update later with a recap, set list and any media we can get.

This show was awesome. Thanks a million to Raibred, they’ve done a lot to help Honker get exposure and we always have a great time playing for Raibred fans.

Thanks to Jeff and the staff at Cyber Cafe for a great sound system and hospitality – all around great vibes.

set list:
1. What Can I Say>
2. I Like It>
3. Down To Earth
4. Street Lights
5. Bass Intro > Truth Will Out
6. Frizzle Fry [Primus]
7. Because It’s The Future
8. Naked
9. More Trouble Every Day [Frank Zappa]

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I do not have any other content to post from this show. If I find any I’ll put it up. To my knowledge there were very few photos or videos of our performance. By very few I mean none! So the picture for this post is me in a Honker hat looking up.

What was memorable about this show for me was it was our first appearance as a trio in quite a while. With all due respect to band members past, the current line-up is really connecting and making some amazing vibrations.
The first three songs of the set ran one into the next without stopping. I love that. Really felt nice. Another highlight is this is the first live performance of us doing “Frizzle Fry” by Primus. What a cool song. We nailed it!
That’s all I can think of for now. Take it easy music fans!


First Edition of this post 7/8/2018
Honker is thrilled to open for Raibred at this show. Our drummer, Jeff Howard, is in that group, they rock, and we have an awesome time whenever we share the stage.

The Honker Lineup for this show shall be:
Jeff Howard – Drums
Tim Linkroum – Guitar
Jim Lomonaco – Vocals, Bass

More info to come before and after the show happens.