Honker at Binghamton Porchfest 2018

Show #20 8/26/2018 Binghamton Porchfest 2018

Update 9/10/2018

Hello music fans. This is the post show update with as much media as I can find and any other thoughts and memories.

Here’s a video of us doing Zappa:


Download and/or stream the whole show from the Honker Archive.org page here

Or give this embedded player a try:

There are some great people in Binghamton and I really love this town. Porchfest is just one example of the amazing community of artists and supporters we have here. There are some superheroes like Chris Bodnarczuk, the event organizer. Then there’s Earl, our host, and all the hosts who share their homes and lawns for this event. There’s the musicians who come together with each other, share equipment and support. And there’s the amazing music fans in Binghamton. None of this is worthwhile without you.

Not only is there a surprising amount of music fans, there is an abundance of talent in our town. If I’m not mistaken there were about 150 acts officially registered for the event. I wish I could have seen so many of them myself, but Honker was happy to provide and run sound at our porch where there was no shortage of great music. What matters most is that things run smooth and people have fun. Internet and social media is great but sharing vibrations with people in the same physical space is what I live for. Believe in music.

Here’s what one local fan had to say about Honker’s set:
Lot of excellent acts at Porchfest. But, Honker was straight up ???. Can’t wait to catch another show. Props to Lomo and Jeff, and their guitarist, who I haven’t met. Unique, musically interesting, and well executed – really enjoyed the performance!!!???

We say DANG! thank you very much – we’ve been practicing.

Set List:
1. What Can I Say>
2. I Like It>
3. Down To Earth
4. Street Lights
5. Bass Intro > Truth Will Out
6. Frizzle Fry [Primus]
7. Because It’s The Future
8. More Trouble Every Day [Frank Zappa]

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We made hats just for the occasion!

That’s about all I can think of for now. Thanks!

First entry added 7/8/2018:

Last year [2017] was our first PorchFest. It was one of our most memorable shows. We cannot wait for this year’s event. More info and details to come…

NOTICE: this picture associated with this blog entry [as of this first post] is from the Honker show at PorchFest 2017 and does NOT accurately represent the current lineup of the band. [Updated picture on 9/10/2018]

The Honker lineup for PorchFest 2018 shall be:
Jeff Howard – Drums
Tim Linkroum – Guitar
Jim Lomonaco – Vocals, Bass