Show #21 9/13/2018 Galaxy Brewing, Binghamton NY

Update 10/7/2018

Set 1
1. What Can I Say
2. I Like It
3. Down To Earth
4. Street Lights
5. Truth Will Out
6. Because It’s The Future
7. Naked
8. Thoughts And Prayers
9. More Trouble Every Day

Set 2
10. Frizzle Fry
11. I’m The Slime
12. Cosmik Debris
13. Step On The Gas
14. Already Gone
15. La Grange
16. Can’t Stop Jumpin’
17. Seven Nation Army

Update 9/10/2018

Tim at Honker “Believe in Music” CD release, Galaxy Brewing Binghamton

We released our first Honker CD at Galaxy Brewing back a few years ago. They have a large, comfortable stage and a good room. They make great beer and have a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We are happy to be playing there again and working on a regularly scheduled show at Galaxy.

This show happens to fall on guitarist Tim Linkroum’s birthday so we will be in an extra celebratory mood for sure. We have been working up a killer set lately and cannot wait to let it all out for you. It’s our first headlining show in a long time. I’d have to refer to this blog to find out for sure. We do some opening slots and some festivals, it will be nice to stretch out and fill a few hours.

We realize that getting out on a Thursday (or at all) is not always easy. We thank you in advance if you can make this show and we promise to give all we got! As always, look for updates right here after the show with pix, audio and video.

-placeholder 9/5/2018-