Show #35 5/18/2019 Flyday Music Festival, East Durham, NY

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Set List

Honker Set: Street Lights, PaffDaddy
Talking Heads Tribute Set with Jim McCabe: Psycho Killer, Road To Nowhere, Found A Job, Slippery People, Swamp, Memories Can’t Wait, Girlfriend Is Better, Wild Wild Life, Radiohead, Drugs, Once In A Lifetime


Jim McCabe – Guest Lead Vocals
Jeff Howard – Drums
Tim Linkroum – Guitar
Jim Lomonaco – Bass
Mike Paffie – Keyboard

Honker wsg/ Jim McCabe at Flyday Music Fest - 18 May 2019
Honker wsg/ Jim McCabe at Flyday Music Fest – 18 May 2019

More Info at: Flyday Music Festival’s site

Honker has been at every Flyday since it began in 2017. We love this festival.

This year we are planning (maybe, most likely) a tribute to the Talking Heads.

This is a fun way to exploit the talent our very special guest vocalist, Jim McCabe (of Yolk, Falconers, solo stuff)

Whatever we do will be a “once in a lifetime” show!

Here’s us at last year’s Flyday doing King Sewercrab by Yolk. With former member HG Thor, and special guests Jim McCabe and Jeff Pettit.