Dirty Gertie

Dirty Gertie 
She rolled up to meet me
In a decked out continental 
i said damn baby girl
And she said it was her sister’s car
She drove down town
Said it’s gonna be monumental
‘Cause she was out for revenge
And she was probably gonna go too far

She could light up the room
With the smell of her perfume
She was out for a fight
She was feisty tonight
And it was gonna be somebody’s doom

Back at the bar they
Shooting guns and sipping whiskey
They was playing cards
And everybody was out of control
She get out of the car
And said baby I’m feeling frisky
She said what-does-it take to get 
A little bubbly in this watering hole

They had cheap champagne on ice
She had already asked him nice
She was starting to stew
And then the fisticuffs flew
‘Cause she wasn’t gonna ask him twice

Back in the alleyway
The onslaught was relentless
There was punches flying, 
Some fluids and a few choice words
Everybody knows Gertie eats 
Chumps like this for breakfast
She left him crying 
Said in case you hadn’t heard

If you’re messing ‘round with Gert
You’re gonna find yourself kissing the dirt,
You’ll be getting harassed 
And take a foot to the ass
And you’ll be going home broken and hurt

She was down and dirty Gertie 
Better known as rude Gertrude 
Always causing trouble, a fight and a feud 
She was crude, unglued and in a bad, bad mood